Sing with ACS

Singing with the Acadia Choral Society

New members are  welcome, and no auditions are required. You need not be a trained singer to take part. Chorus members will be provided with recordings of their voice part, and will have the opportunity to attend sectional rehearsals in addition to rehearsals with the full chorus.

For more information about joining the chorus, you may contact the ACS board president Michael Marion at 288-4884 or email, or simply come to a rehearsal.

Whether you’re a new or returning member, you’re encouraged to bring a friend!  We typically start rehearsals on the second Tuesday of September and the second Tuesday of January at 7pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Ellsworth. Check ACS out. We enjoy making music together!

This fall we’re rehearsing at the Moore Center in Ellsworth getting ready for the December series of three concerts in Bar Harbor and Ellsworth.

A new chorus member wrote: “It was such an honor to sing with ACS…It was so much fun; but it was so much more than that. It was a highlight of the year.”

For more information you can also write to